Who We Serve

Navcap serves  Individuals as well as colleges/universities providing robust career readiness supports.


 We provide  solutions for Black and LatinX grad students to help them navigate grad school and  prepare them for  post degree success, be it a career launch or a career pivot.

 We provide solutions for colleges and universities who prioritize DEI in their programming, strategic planning, and funding to ensure professional success for Black, LatinX, and other historically underserved students.

Innovations in career guidance in higher education  have shifted from consulting towards  building networking communities, ecosystems, and social mobility (Dey & Cruzvergara, 2019). However, colleges and universities buy and large, do not have a robust model to support this change. We fill this gap.


Our Promise & Value: To empower  Black and LatinX students in pursuit of the career they envision and the quality of life they seek.


Our process: We deliver on our promise through  training & coaching, mentorship, community-building, and by providing resources.


How do we support colleges & universities in toward student success?

We use a strategic approach to career growth through

services and solutions. 

Equity in DESIGN


Career guidance using an equity-centered approach expands 

standard approaches to career service & workforce development. Programs designed for EVERYONE miss the needs of BL & BR students.

Lifts for Resource Limitations

Solutions to address the lack of diversity in faculty nation-wide & over-extended faculty/ staff of color in PWIs carrying the load in supporting students of color.

Professional Training & Ongoing Coaching supports

Training to support students as they build mentorship and career-focused

relationships, & speak to their skills, knowledge, and values without sacrificing their identity.

Why mentorship matters, what you need to know.

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What is mentorship?

An invested positive two-way relationship with regular & consistent interactions, usually between individuals with varying levels of expertise to support personal or professional growth.

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What are the benefits of mentorship for college students?

Improved academics, persistence, ease of transition into career fields, a support system for students in research skill-building & practice, support for identity development, AND career, psychosocial, academic, and personal growth.

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What are the different types of mentorship?

  • Academic

  • Career Specific

  • Peer

  • Faculty

  • Formal

  • Informal 

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