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Who's it for? Navcap is for  graduate  students  seeking a constellation of  professional  and personal career supports within and outside of their university walls.


 We serve entry and mid-level Black and LatinX individuals   preparing for a career launch or a career pivot.


Innovations in career guidance in higher education  have shifted from consulting towards  building networking communities, ecosystems, and social mobility (Dey & Cruzvergara, 2019). However, colleges and universities buy and large, do not have a robust model to support this change. We fill this gap.


Our Promise & Value: To empower  Black and LatinX students in pursuit of the career they envision and the quality of life they seek.


Our process: We deliver on our promise through career accelerating communities, mentorship, network-building, and leadership development.

Why mentorship matters, what you need to know about mentorship.

What is mentorship?

An invested positive two-way relationship with regular & consistent interactions, usually between individuals with varying levels of expertise to support personal or professional growth.

What are the benefits of mentorship for college students?

Improved academics, persistence, ease of transition into career fields, a support system for students in research skill-building & practice, support for identity development, AND career, psychosocial, academic, and personal growth.

What are the different types of mentorship?

  • Academic

  • Career Specific

  • Peer

  • Faculty

  • Formal

  • Informal 

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Join Our  

Navcap Network Community

  • Career accelerator & Industry expert webinars with   LIVE Q&A   

  • Training to navigate leadership,  industry-specific soft & hard skills,  designing your post academic career journey, & positioning for sponsorship as a person of color.

  • Problem-solving, co-working, and accountability  with professional peers.

  • Leadership & strengths assessment.

  • Private, safe, counter-space for self-care and refueling.

  • Exclusive industry reach-back insights.

  • Local and global industry networking events.



Empowering Black & LatinX students through   transformative career accelerating communities.

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