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What is in Our Secret Sauce?
What makes us different?

We Design Learning Experiences

We design learning experiences, build relationships, and cultivate people instead of providing grab and get or one-off training sessions.


We are capacity builders-- expert facilitators, coaches, and educators that are responsive to PhD/ doctoral students from historically underrepresented communities. Diversity, inclusion, equity, and access are at the core of what we do. 

We have several ways for individuals to engage in the learning they seek, complimentary community resources, launchpad courses, an intensive accelerator, coaching/consulting, as well as university partnership models to create dynamic mentorship communities.


We Embrace Innovation & Innovative Thinking 

Our team embraces innovative thinking in multiple ways. We believe that cultural innovation can take place through bottom-up [individual and community levels] and top-down [organizational level] human-centered approaches. In a literal sense, we also leverage technology in our services, solutions, and product offerings.


We Possess a Spectrum of Diversity

Over the years, the idea of having a diverse team has become static, often referring to one dimension; we are so much more than that. We are a core group that draws from diversity of expertise serving as researchers, academic advisors, educators, technology developers, and entrepreneurs drawn together through our shared desire to make meaningful change for historically underrepresented & underserved graduate students.


We possess a tremendous range of professional and personal experiences across R1, R2, teaching universities as well as online doctoral programs. This allows us to understand multiple layers within complex environments and design solutions that are student-centered and equity-embedded.


We Reflect Those We Seek to Serve

Among our team, we reflect those we seek to serve.  We ground our work in social impact to move forward the great foundational work of those that came before us. We know that diverse communities  bring brilliance, resilience, and a wealth of both cultural assets and lived experiences.


We also know that historically underrepresented graduate students do not always have the social capital to maximize their opportunities in higher ed. We embody a sense of responsibility in taking action to change that. Finally, we are mothers, sisters, community organizers, holders of hope, bridge-builders, and our ancestors wildest dreams.

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