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Building Connected Communities in for Underrepresent Students

We partner with colleges and universities to prepare graduate students for program success and post-degree success through DEI services and solutions.

Mentorship  Solutions

For College & Universities Seeking to Improve Career Development & Mentorship Solutions for ALL culturally and linguistically diverse students, we facilitate MENTORSHIP CIRCLES between alumni with shared identity intersections and existing graduate students to create:

  • Thriving school to business partnerships

  • Virtual alumni engagement

  • A constellation of trusting, supportive, and ongoing relationships to enhance student experiences within school and beyond

We  use our ICE (Identity-Culture-Experience) matching model alongside industry interest(s) for a best fit.


We coordinate onboarding, training, and cycles of check points to ensure positive, ongoing communication. 


We serve as an invested yet neutral party to gather meaningful data. We establish trust and facilitate dialogue to engage all stakeholders.


Success Coaching

WE provide student success strategic planning and personalized coaching,  so  ALL  graduate  students can  be positioned for success during degree attainment and after degree completion.


We are distinctly different from academic advisors or program chairs as our strategy and signature  methodology & Mentor Matrix guides students through how to build impactful mentorship relationships  across several domains.


Our process is designed for graduate/graduate doctoral students to  get the most out of multidimensional academic and professional communities. 

Learning Advisory

WE provide facilitation and advisory services to colleges and universities seeking to create a transformative graduate school onboarding experience or who need to improve the suite of services for underrepresented graduate/graduate doctoral students. We partner with colleges and universities to support the development of program structures, revise implementation plans after an evaluation has been conducted, or facilitate data dives for programmatic improvement.

Our Value

Value for Colleges & Universities:

  • Strengthening the pipeline of underrepresented groups across a range of disciplines and increasing reciprocity & investment with robust supports so that racially and ethnically minoritized students are well positioned for greater income & ongoing engagement with the university.

  • Direct alignment of resources with DEI priorities ensuring culturally diverse students are positioned for success during degree attainment and post graduation.

  • Training and resources to supplement the lack of available human resources (increased responsibility of faculty, limited faculty from underrepresented groups, & limited time).


Value for Students:

  • A clear roadmap of how to cultivate mentorship relationships and networks in graduate school while honoring and preserving their identity intersections.

  • Time saved and reduced stress from having a strategic approach to navigate grad school mentorship relationships. 

  • Greater confidence in navigating degree and post-degree success.

  • Clear articulation of goals and an accountability plan. 

  • Group and peer problem-solving community.

  • Balancing cultural identity and belonging with field and industry identity & competencies.

Value for Programs & Departments:

  • Training for graduate students and resources that are not readily available at the School/Dept/ or Advisor level through a culturally responsive approach.

  • Further development of pipeline resources for those most in need.

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