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Research Says

Research has given us insights on the needs of Black and LatinX college students and graduate professionals in college. What has been learned? 


DEIA Mentor ToolKIT

shape your DEI goals into a viable program...culture

Second idea: Build and develop and incredible TEAM. Define your why




Black students are 3Xs as likely to default on their student-loans after earning their degree; and, Hispanic/LatinX students are 2X as likely. Data shows that colleges and universities have become increasingly diverse over the last 10 years; however, with increased enrollment, retention, and degree attainment, these students are leaving their programs without the tools to bridge their academic knowledge with the real-world.

Furthermore, students from minority communities historically, do not have access to the same level of social capital as their White counterparts to leverage relationships for access to opportunities beyond earning their degree.


Build social, career, and academic enhancing networks. Develop incubators for success bridging the gap by connecting academic knowledge with real-world knowledge for Black and LatinX professionals in college. 

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