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Our Approach

Because  research shows that historically under-represented groups have very different experiences than other groups in colleges and universities, how they are supported, cultivated, and empowered must look different as well.  Our model reflects this. 



We center cultural responsiveness, humanizing, and healing while acknowledging the impact of anti-blackness as well as structural and historical systems of inequity.  We welcome co-conspirators as we move from aspirations of diversity, equity, and inclusion towards action, opportunities, and thriving partnerships.


Social Impact &

Being the Change

We are a social impact organization, and we believe that 21st century models of career guidance can and must meet the needs of historically minoritized and often under-served students. But, the change must be intentional.


We believe in the power of a college education and the power of connected communities. However, we know that academic knowledge alone is not enough. Connecting academic knowledge to the real-world and navigating the often hidden, but very real invisible knowledge lives with and through relationships. We also know that both hard and soft skills, innovation, collaboration, and critical thinking look different in every field. To that end, we position NAVCAP to build impactful relationships to support the career growth of Black and Brown professionals while attaining their degree and beyond.  


"When great minds come together, there are infinite possibilities."--Elissa Frazier.  

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