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Our Journey

The Beginning 

NAVCAP was founded by EdD & PhD graduate students in a school of education. We started our academic journeys ready to learn, ready to do the work for the change we want to make and the life goals we had set. We knew we could succeed in school and eventually we'd be ready to succeed out of school. We quickly realized that there was much more to success that focus, hard work, and a great attitude. Success was often connected with having the right information, knowing when, how, and with whom to use it, and access to social capital through fruitful guidance and relationships.  

We were also passionate about harnessing the power of technology in culturally responsive ways as a lever for equity. Rather than spending hours pouring over multiple sites for recommended resources, school reviews, and applicant data from questionable sources, we decided to create a community for the unique experience of being a medical student. GABA filters out the noise and gives our members back the most precious resource in a medical student's arsenal: Time.

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