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 Partner with NAVCAP  
for graduate student success 

Learn about our 4 month University Pilot for  graduate student success.

 Purpose of the PILOT

To help universities retain and cultivate graduate student talent. Our 4 month Student Success Pilot program is inclusive of ALL PhD/EdD doctoral students, but is designed with historically underserved students in mind. We show doctoral students how to plan strategically, build an academic and professional success network, maximize their time, and reduce the stress of figuring out all the academic and nonacademic pieces that are so important for success. 

University Pilots 

 Grad students in our PILOT gain the benefits of success coaching in tandem with our hands-on workshop and resources. We work with colleges & universities with a commitment to diversity, equity, access, and opportunity, and who want to help their doctoral students build mentor networks to set them up for program and post-degree success. .


Pilot Deets



LIVE Sessions & Coaching twice a month, capacity building workshops and bi-monthly coaching check-ins for doctoral students facilitated by Elissa & the gradWELL team.

Ongoing asynchronous resources & community-building. 

Bi-weekly action tasks and both individual and community activities to share progress and share resources for grad students.

Data collection. Pre/post assessment and (1) focus group facilitation for the university.

Communication. Status calls with the university and coordination. 


Shared learnings. An end of the program evaluation brief with student feedback, findings to support organizational learning,  and ways to improve future programs at the university level.

Intangibles for doc students

  • Clarity & confidence in building a network of mentors.

  • Reassurance and confidence in developing career vision and increased confidence in career readiness.

  • Reduced stress in not having to figure out all the academic and non-academic pieces of gradlife  

  • Collective sharing, connecting, & problem-solving in a culturally responsive community

Tangibles for doc students

  • Build your success network plan & Mentor Matrix

  • Grad-Student Success Management plan (assessment, gap analysis, and goal -setting)

  • Grad-Student Self-Care Plan

  • Personalized coaching feedback for building momentum from Nacap coaches

  • Monthly problem-solving "process and peer sharing" sessions

  • LinkedIn Redesign Skill-building from our LinkedIn Experts for professional positioning

Got Questions? 

For a more details about our services and solutions or to find out about the process  of becoming a pilot partner with the NIA Development & the gradWELL, please reach out via email, or schedule a discovery call using the button below.

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