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Network Amplified 

Network Amplified is a 5 Week Signature Workshop for graduate students to build the success network they deserve. 

Next Available Session:  November 2023

Why This Workshop?

In your grad-school program, having a network is crucial for you to connect to opportunities, access resources, and advance in your career. However, building a network is something that doesn’t come naturally to many people. And, it's not a skill that is taught in grad school. Additionally, within academia, there are invisible rules and nuances within each context, that make it hard to know where to start. 


In this workshop, we will show you how to build your own success network as an essential part of advancing in your program and positioning yourself for career success.

What you can expect 


We'll start with an assessment of high impact relationships, conduct a gap analysis, and identify strengths and priority areas of growth. We'll dive into strategic planning using our signature framework, identify challenges and design practical, actionable steps in your success plan.

"Start where you are. Use what you have. Do what you can."--Arthur Ashe


  • Clarifying your career vision and increased confidence in career readiness.

  • Reduced stress in not having to figure out all the academic and non-academic pieces of gradlife

  • Confidence in building your own success network and high impact mentorship relationships  

  • Collective sharing, connecting, & problem-solving in a culturally responsive community


  • Network Amplified Plan   

  • Doctoral Student Success Management Plan (assessment & gap analysis, goal setting plan, organization, & systems index)

  • Doctoral Student Self-Care Plan

  • Personalized coaching for building momentum

  • LinkedIn Redesign Skill-building from our LinkedIn Experts for professional positioning

Network Amplified Workshop

Next available session: November 2023

Schedule a chat to learn more before applying.

Live classes and learning groups bi-weekly.

What you get


Bi-Weekly LIVE 1 hour sessions taught by Elissa and the gradWELL team.

Weekly action tasks and both individual and community activities to share progress and share resources.


.Community and cohort support and accountability, and celebration boards.


Personalized coaching feedback from Navcap Trainers/Coaches.


Virtual live co-working sessions. 


Workbooks and resources relevant to the tangibles and intangibles you will learn in our class.


Access to recordings of all sessions for 1 year.



The COST of the Network Amplified Signature Workshop is

US $400 for individual PhD/Doc students.

(Payment Plans available 2 payments of $225)

  • For groups of grad students at the same university, consider asking your University to Sponsor your individual 5-week workshop OR launch a more robust University Partnership Pilot over the course of a SEMESTER with a group of students. See details & benefits below. 

  • A University Pilot Partner receives a 4-month program for grad students instead of a 5-week workshop. Duration, scope of services, & and deliverables are different. Details are below. ​
    • Data collection: the University receives an end of the program focus group facilitation as a part of the program design.
    • Findings report: the University receives a brief from gradWELL on ways to improve future supports at their ​University with feedback from participants.
    • COST is determined by #of students (5-10; 10-20, <20).
    • Email: or Elissa Frazier at to Inquire about becoming a University Partner and having a gradWELL Pilot at your institution.​

We hope to see you at our next Network Amplified Workshop


Grow in a safe community

Our private community is responsive to your needs, and designed specifically with grad students in mind. 

We give doctoral students the tools to build their own success network .


Our programs are designed to prepare doctoral students for both program and post-degree success.

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