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 Grademy by NAVCAP is your
grad-student success academy.

Welcome to a supportive and transformative community designed for your  success while earning your doctoral degree and beyond.

The Grademy Success Seminar is a
4 Week Bootcamp Style Course  

LIVE August 2022 COHORT

The Grademy Success Seminar is a boot-camp style 30-day interactive course and coaching combination, designed to develop social capital for success within grad school and beyond. Experience live training sessions, weekly implementation activities and exercises, group coaching, tangible take-ways, skill-building. All sessions are recorded and accessible for asynchronous learning for a year. This course is designed to empower 1st & 2nd year Black & Brown historically underserved students, but open to ALL.  For those interested in growth, but who need a more flexible monthly or bi-weekly coaching capacity-building option, schedule a 1:1 Connect Convo so we can discuss your needs and other great options.


What distinguishes us from other programs?

We focus on strategic planning, coaching, and building dynamic relationships for success within your graduate program and beyond.


"The most significant parts of my life were always connected in some way to education. In the (4) colleges, I have attended, I have received a solid academic foundation, but that wasn't enough."---Elissa Frazier

We are more than the sum of our parts

Being The Change We Seek To See

How do you know if this seminar is for you? Are you ready to.:

  • Learn a strategic approach to navigate grad school that will save you time, resources, and overwhelm. You are ready to own both the challenges in grad school and seek solutions.

  • Own your professional growth and personal development; you don't expect your graduate program to fulfill all of your needs [even if you are proud to be there, you're grateful, or you are in a place you've always dreamed of ].

  • Invest in you, pour into yourself, and prioritize your holistic needs.

  • Engage in and invite critical feedback. on what is working and what is not in your gradschool journey. And, you are ready to seek solutions. 

  • Grow in and contribute to a collective community that delights to see you succeed. If you prefer to be a lone stallion, this workshop is not a good fit.

 If we are speaking your language, LEARN MORE about our Grademy  Success Seminar BELOW.

Got Questions?

Reach out to us. Email us at or schedule a time to talk HERE.