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 Career Guidance for success

in Higher Education as an aspiring faculty of color.

Designed for graduate students to reach their career goals.  

We provide career guidance and solutions for success in higher education as new faculty of color.

The Collective by NAVCAP is a FREE On-Demand Body of Video Resources to support career growth for individuals seeking jobs in higher ed.


  • What to consider when entering into the professoriate.

  • Possibilities and higher-ed adjacent jobs outside of the academy.

  • Recommendations for academic and professional activities to build skills.

  • Curriculum vitae guidance.

  • Advice on how to network and expand your locus.

  • Navigating ally-ship and advocacy.

  • Refueling, healing, and how to maintain social-emotional well-being as a person of color in the academy.

  • What to consider when publishing.

  • What you should know about promotion and tenure.

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