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 Positioning Black & Latino/a/x 
GradStudents for Success

to achieve the career they envision and the quality of life they seek.

We help (pre-dissertation) PhD students attending PWIs navigate grad-school confidently, with more resources, and less overwhelm. We do this by providing supports that higher-ed programs substantially under-resource or don't provide at all. Through our student success coaching, mentorship community, & resources, we connect both the academic and non-academic pieces that are critical for success.

Are you?

What We Do

A Black or Latino/a/x  student in a PhD program lacking robust supports to connect both the academic & non-academic pieces that are so important for career growth? 
Our courses and coaching help you design, build, and implement strategic plans to successfully navigate multidimensional grad school communities in predominantly white institutions. We also support you in growing your network on and off campus. Find out more below.


A program administrator in a PWI that seeks to better serve your culturally, ethnically, and linguistically diverse  graduate students? We provide solutions to add value to existing programs to position ALL students for success.   
Could your graduate students benefit from mentors who share the same identity intersections and have expertise in their respective fields? We connect alumni of color  with culturally, ethnically, and linguistically diverse graduate students; and through these dynamic relationships, mentors expand their career knowledge and provide industry insights. Find out more below.


Listen to our latest PODCAST: Preparing for the professoriate and defying the status quo w/Dr. Jessye Talley

Success in grad-school is more than taking classes. Join Our GradWELL Community and connect with other Black & Brown (pre-dissertation) doctoral students beyond your immediate campus or program locus.

Tap into community
resources for your

academic WELLbeing,
personal WELLbeing, &
professional WELLbeing.

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