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Navcap Network's Mentor Collective — Capacity Building Workshops & Training

Did you know that the average US student loan debt is $32,731? 

Yes, you read that right. Yikes!

Paying for college is the number one worry for parents and students attending university. With the average tuition costs across the United States being $9,687 (in-state), $21,184 (out-of-state), and $35,087 (private), it’s no wonder. 

But did you know there are over 40 billion dollars of scholarship money out there ready for you to grab? 

Here at Minorities to Majorities, we hold training workshops that teach students about scholarship opportunities and give them the tools they need to obtain that money.

What Do Our Workshops Teach?

We help you find free money. How?

Our workshops train students, parents, and educators on how to discover grants, scholarships, and financial opportunities. We’ve landed over $400,000 in aid for our students, and we’re here to help you. 

✓ Scholarships Applications – Learn how to write competitive scholarship applications where you stand out from the stack.

✓ Financial Management – Gain budgeting skills that will help you control your money during university so you graduate financially ahead.

✓ Research & Negotiation Skills – Discover tactics for finding scholarship opportunities and leverage your mediation skills.

Who Are Our Workshops For?

ALL STUDENTS — From budding high school students to graduate students, our workshops are tailored for all levels. 

PARENTS & SUPPORT NETWORKS —  If you’re emotionally or financially invested in a loved one’s college plans, we want you to attend our workshop. 

EDUCATORS & ADMINISTRATORS — Venture into the current realities of funding in higher education that go beyond local and university level opportunities. 


Why Attend Our Workshop? 

Debt-Free Education

Our goal for every student — to graduate with zero debt. With our guidance, you will have the foundation to live debt-free. 

Make University Obtainable 

Learn how to leverage your and your family’s financial worries into a pathway that leads toward college graduation.

Make University Obtainable 

Learn how to leverage your and your family’s financial worries into a pathway that leads toward college graduation. 

Learn About Opportunities in Higher Education 

We guarantee you will learn something new. Regardless of your experience, role, or ambition, our workshops will reimagine how you think about your journey in higher education.


If you would like to Schedule a Workshop/Training Session or more information on our services please email us at

FAQ of MTM’s Workshops


How long does a workshop last?

Workshops typically last between 45 minutes to 1 hour.

When are workshops held?

All the dates and times of workshops are contingent on availability. 

Are workshops in-person or virtual?

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, all workshops are virtual. In-person sessions will resume once health experts and our team believe it’s safe to do so.

Who has MTM worked with before in offering workshops?

We are keen to work with as many institutions as possible. Our current roster includes Duke BOOST, Sponsors for Educational Opportunity, KIPP New Orleans Schools, and The HBCU College Tour. 

Who runs MTM’s workshops?

Jasmine Chigbu, the founder of MTM and securer of over $350,000 of scholarships and grants, personally conducts MTM’s workshops. 

How much does a workshop cost? 

Prices range based on duration and the number of attendees. Please contact us for a quote.



We provide a COMMUNITY,  a network of industry experts, and a support hub for Black and LatinX professionals in college as an exclusive monthly membership.

  • Exclusive monthly BIPOC EXPERT WEBINARS with LIVE Q&A, soft & hard skill development [behavioral, social, and career development skill building] & knowledge sharing.

  • Problem-Solving Sessions (e.g. Navigating career sponsorship, allies, and choosing the right soil to grow in as a person of color).

  • A private safe space for self-care and a refueling respite.

  • Corporate reach back insights for ongoing dialogue and growth.


WE facilitate leadership, career coaching, and MENTORSHIP RELATIONSHIPS between alumni of color and existing students to enhance your program design and create more opportunities for historically underrepresented groups through a culturally responsive approach.


  • We do this using our ICE (Identity-Culture-Experience) matching model alongside industry  interest for a best fit. This  provides a  constellation of supports for current students from historically underrepresented communities and strengthens alumni connections.  



We PARTNER with organizations  and schools  toward creating more equitable academic to industry opportunities for historically underrepresented students. We serve as facilitators and CONSULTANTS.  Examples include, but are not limited to:

  • Facilitating stakeholder dialogue, developing and asking questions, gaining insights.

  • Facilitating data discovery walks & program alignment discussions.

  • Clarifying and developing goals.

  • Serving as a critical friend.

  • Conducting  a mentorship  equity assessment. 

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