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Navcap Networks' The Mentor Collective "The MC"

Is a SUITE of-Capacity Building Workshops & Trainings for Graduate Students & Community Stakeholders Invested in Their SUCCESS

Innovations in career guidance in higher education  have shifted from consulting towards  building networking communities, ecosystems, and social mobility (Dey & Cruzvergara, 2019). However, colleges and universities buy and large, do not have a robust model to support this change. We fill this gap.

What you get out of our workshops?

Our workshops train Black and Brown graduate students on how to design an academic to industry playbook, how to identify and leverage their leadership strengths, how to increase their "network effect" in domains that are most significantly tied to opportunities during and post degree attainment. And finally, we help them get the most out of mentorship relationships and supports within the university and beyond. 

Establish Success Blueprint  – Increase knowledge on success domains for graduate students

and conduct a gap analysis through a culturally responsive lens.

Navigating The Terrain – Learn effective approaches to survey the landscape, deconstruct systems, navigate signposts, set benchmarks, and manage expectations for personal, academic, and professional success.

Mentee Mindset/Mentor Stance  Discover mindset frames, success cycle implementation tools, approaches for effective communication, advocacy, problem-solving, and  negotiation skills.

Career Management Skills Discover strategies for building social capital outside of higher ed and how to find opportunities to make significant progress in career positioning.

Maximizing Financial Opportunities – Gain strategies that will help maximize financial opportunities to lesson the level of debt acquired in pursuit of graduate degree attainment.

Who Are Our Workshops For?

ALL CULTURALLY DIVERSE GRADUATE STUDENTS — Our workshops are tailored for both Masters and PhD/EdD levels. Our trainings are applicable and adaptable for ALL students; however, they are designed to address the unique needs of Black and Brown graduate students. 

ADVISORS, DEPT. CHAIRS, AND MENTORSHIP SUPPORT NETWORKS —  If you support Black and Brown graduate students in an social-emotional capacity, academic capacity, or you are invested in the success of your racially minoritized graduate students, you will find enormous value in our workshops.  

PROFESSORS/INSTRUCTORS & ADMINISTRATORS — Gain a greater understanding of the unique challenges within higher education for Black & Brown graduate students to make programmatic improvement and creating optimal conditions for student success. 

Why Attend Our Workshops? 


  • Graduate with the social capital as well as the academic foundation to have the income, impact, and opportunities you envision for yourself, your family, and your community.

University Staff:

  • Create optimal conditions and opportunities for culturally diverse students to achieve the success they envision.

  • Align strategic school goals for equity and equitable learning environments with programs that directly address this.

  • Increase and retain diverse talent and academic scholarship directly connected to the University.

  • Strengthen alumni engagement and investment while cultivating academic to industry partnerships.

If you would like to schedule a Mentor Collective Workshop/Training Session or more information on our services please email us at For more information, SEE FAQs.

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