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Built for students

We've built NAVCAP putting the needs of students first. We've surveyed feedback from our growing community of graduate and undergraduate Black and LatinX students and what they need from mentorship and career guidance.


Innovations in workforce development and learning in higher education centers on Ecosystems (Strada, 2019)


Let us help you to build a network of support so you can be more confident in your ability to make the best choices for your career growth; by closing the academic to industry gap, we help you  focus on the impact, income, and opportunity you seek.


Get started today. Who is it for?

What is it for?

What you need to know about mentorship.


What is mentorship?

designed for Black and LatinX students guided by industry experts and career coaches. What are the 4 stages of mentoring?


What are the benefits of mentorship for college students?

with Black & LatinX university alumni/industry experts and current students.


What are the different types of mentorship? for professional growth, cultivating reach back dialogue and ongoing learning. What are the qualities of a good mentors?

Why use a culturally responsive approach?

Because  research shows that historically under-represented groups have very different experiences than other groups in colleges and universities, how they are supported, cultivated, and empowered must look different as well.  Our change model reflects this. 



We center cultural responsiveness, humanizing, and healing while acknowledging the impact of anti-blackness as well as structural and historical systems of inequity.  We welcome co-conspirators as we move from aspirations of diversity, equity, and inclusion towards action, opportunities, and thriving partnerships.

Mentorship for Black & LatinX College students

Join Our  

Navcap Network Community

  • Industry expert webinars with   LIVE Q&A   

  • Training to navigate leadership,  industry-specific soft & hard skills,  designing your post academic career journey, & positioning for sponsorship as a person of color.

  • Problem-solving, co-working, and accountability  with professional peers.

  • Leadership & strengths assessment.

  • Private, safe, counter-space for self-care and refueling.

  • Exclusive industry reach-back insights.

  • Local and global industry networking events.

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