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What We Do


BUILD Professional Communities 

designed for Black and LatinX students guided by industry experts and career coaches.


BUILD meaningful real-world career connections & mentorship relationships with Black & LatinX university alumni/industry experts and current students.


BUILD academic to industry  partnerships and knowledge pipelines for professional growth, cultivating reach back dialogue and ongoing learning.

What does this mean?

A strategic approach to career growth & workforce development.


Career guidance centering cultural intersections and identity as assets in a customized, equity-centered approach. A culture of collaboration, community, and growth.

Lifts for Resource Limitations

Solutions to address the lack of diversity in faculty nation-wide & the overburden of faculty/ staff of color in PWIs carrying the load in supporting students of color.

Removing Barriers, Adding More Diversity

Solutions to ask career-focused and experiential questions  in a lower-risk, high-impact context from a diverse group of industry experts in our Exclusive NAVCAP NETWORK community. 

Professional Positioning

Solutions to support professional positioning through our Exclusive NAVCAP NETWORK community. Members will understand their strengths, how to tell the right story, & speak to their values without sacrificing their identity.

Data Analysis

Solutions for access to industry insights. In our Exclusive NAVCAP NETWORK, members will assess their industry landscape from reach back insights & KPI metrics from individuals in the field.

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