Guidance for Black & Brown 
PhD Students     

to have the career they envision and the quality of life they seek

 We are an equity-focused resource hub for PhD students in their 1st/2nd/& 3rd years who need more guidance than their predominantly white institutions (PWIs) provide; our student  success coaching, career planning, & mentorship position Black & Brown doctoral students for success. 
We help them grow their academic and professional networks and expand their community of brilliance & belonging. 

Are you?

What We Do

A student in a PhD/EdD program with a traditional graduate-level advisor but you lack robust supports to connect both the academic & non-academic pieces that are important for career growth? 
Our DEI-focused student success coaching, courses, and mentorship model helps you to navigate higher-ed spaces with more confidence & more resources. We also support you in growing a network of mentors. Find out more below.


A program administrator in a PWI that seeks to better serve  graduate students through a DEI lens? We provide solutions that are open & inclusive to ALL, but that are designed to position Black & Brown students for success.   
Could your graduate students benefit from mentors who share the same identity intersections and have expertise in their respective fields? We connect alumni of color  with graduate students; and through these dynamic relationships, mentors expand their career knowledge and provide industry insights. Find out more below.


Listen to the GradSchool Soul Collective PODCAST SPOTLIGHT 
"Doing Research IN and FOR Black Communities" 
with  Dr. Marlon James