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Guidance for PhD Students
& Essentials for Success 

helping historically underrepresented PhD students confidently navigate their doctoral journey, get degree'd, & advance their career.

What We Do

Capacity-Building, Coaching & Workshops 

We empower historically underrepresented PhD students by  showing them how to build a success network, coaching them through major milestones & sharing practical resources so they confidently navigate their doctoral journey, get degree’d & advance their career.

Build Communities
& Promote

We expand "grad student Islands"  through building online mentorship communities within and beyond university walls. We create communities of profound care, promoting academic, personal, and professional well-being.

It's not your intellect, ambition, or work ethic, it's your strategy, network, & know how.

Why We Do It

We fill "3" needs that PhD students from historically underrepresented communities know well.

Lack of networks

Few mentors & career sponsors for professional and academic guidance. 

Limited resources & outdated models of support

Limited access to practical resources & problem-solving from those who understand the PhD journey & the experiences of minoritized people.

Stress, isolation, & lack of community

The need for profound communities of care to help with stress, belonging, and isolation in academia. 

 Are we right for you?

You are in a PhD/EdD program and you want much more guidance than what you have right now. Traditional advising is just not enough. You have more questions than answers.

You have tried problem-solving on your own and you are highly motivated; but you need a more strategic plan or more resources.

You want a robust academic and professional network, but you're not sure where to start..

You are the "one," or one of a very small number racially, ethnically, or culturally diverse students in your graduate program; and you want guidance and mentorship from those who understand  your experiences.

You are more than a grad student (with a career, a family, & other passions), and you want someone who understands that.

You have found that the transition from your Masters program to your doctoral program was different than you expected, and you want tangible, practical tools to manage your time and relationships better.


Listen to the GradSchool Soul Collective PODCAST SPOTLIGHT 
"Black Women In Academia & Your Village" with Dr. Nicole M. Joseph.

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