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Positioning PhD students for success

Closing the gap between traditional advising and real grad life, we give PhD/EdD students the knowledge, tools, & resources to confidently complete their program & have the quality of life they seek. 

What We Do

Training, Success Coaching, & Digital Resources 

We help PhD/EdD students  build & strengthen their network and success systems, plan with purpose &  manage time effectively.


We coach them through major milestones using culturally responsive approaches and help them solve their most pressing problems. We work with ALL students but specialize in supporting underrepresented & first-gen PhD & EdD students.

University Partnerships to
Build Mentor Networks
& Retain Diverse Talent in PWIs

We expand "grad student Islands"  through building online mentorship communities. We create communities of profound care, promoting academic, personal, and professional well-being.


We specialize in working with PWIs who prioritize DEI, but seek more robust supports to retain & cultivate their diverse graduate student talent.

Why We Do It

We fill "3" needs that PhD students from historically underrepresented communities know well.

Limited resources & outdated models of support

Limited access to practical resources & problem-solving from those who understand the PhD journey & the experiences of underrepresented grad students.

Lack of networks

Few mentors & career sponsors for professional and academic growth.

Stress, isolation, & lack of community

The need for profound communities of care to help with stress, belonging, and isolation in academia. 

 Are we right for you?

You are in a PhD/EdD program, but you want much more guidance than what your traditional academic advisor provides. 

 You want more consistent problem-solving spaces than you have found on social media. And you are looking for a community that is responsive to you.

You want to build and leverage high-impact relationships to support your academic growth and professional aspirations, but you're not sure where to start. 

Your program has few faculty that understand your life experiences or connect with your identity intersections. 

You have responsibilities or even a full time job; & you want expert guidance to not just "make it all fit," but to have a plan that works best for you.

You are the first from your family to go to grad school or earn a PhD, and you have many more questions than answers.


Listen to the GradSchool Soul Collective PODCAST SPOTLIGHT 
Don't just find your people, "construct your village " with Elissa J.

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