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Guidance for PhD Students

to confidently navigate their doctoral journey, complete their degree, and have the career growth they seek.

You don't have to come from a legacy family to be successful in your PhD program.

What We Do

Success Coaching & Workshops 

We provide expert guidance through success coaching & workshops to help historically underrepresented PhD/doctoral students meet key program milestones with confidence. We also show PhD/doctoral students how to build a success network for the career success they deserve.

Build Mentorship
& Promote Well-being

We expand "grad student Islands"  through building online interactive mentorship communities within and beyond university walls. We create  knowledge pipelines within communities of profound care, promoting academic, personal, and professional well-being.

Why We Do It

We fill "3" needs that PhD students from historically underrepresented communities know well.

Lack of networks

Few mentors & career sponsors for professional and academic guidance. 

Limited resources & outdated models of support

Limited access to practical resources & problem-solving from those who understand the PhD journey & the experiences of minoritized people.

Stress, isolation, & lack of community

The need for profound communities of care to help with stress, belonging, and isolation in academia. 

What We Do

 Are we right for you?

++ You are in your first 3 years of a PhD/EdD program and you want much more guidance than what you have right now. 

++You want more than traditional advising; you juggle many roles outside of being a grad student, and you want someone who understands that. 

++You thrive in inclusive spaces & you want a community that shows you how to navigate your program without loosing your core.

++You want to build a success network and develop high-impact relationships, but you are not sure which steps to take.

++You are ambitious and driven; you also value coaching.



Listen to the GradSchool Soul Collective PODCAST SPOTLIGHT 
"First-Gen BIPOC Scholars Pursuing Academia & Financial Literacy," with Dr. Cecilia Caballero

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