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Positioning Black and Brown GradStudents for Success

to achieve the career they envision and the quality of life they seek.

We help 1st and 2nd year Black and LatinX doctoral students navigate the maze of higher-ed and build networks for professional success through coaching, mentorship, and by creating empowering communities. 

Are you?

What We Do

A Black/LatinX grad student in need of a community that understands your experiences and helps you build a network of support?  

 We understand how isolating grad school can be and the reality that there is often limited faculty of color as resources. We are passionate about creating capacity building communities and supporting your personal and professional growth. Find out more below.

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A Black/LatinX grad student in a grad program lacking robust supports to connect all the non-academic pieces that are so important for career growth and career success? 
 Our courses and coaching are designed to help you design, build, and implement strategic plans to make the career pivots you seek and grow your network. Find out more below.


A Black/LatinX grad student 
that wants a mentor who shares your identity intersections and has expertise in your field?   
 We connect alumni of color from your institution with Black and LatinX graduate students; and through these dynamic relationships, mentors expand your career knowledge and provide industry insights. Find out more below.


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